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  1. Royleeinator

    Template Creation

    I do have a method of acquiring the templates, but in legal terms, I'd be unable to release them publicly. Same with the models, so people could check their designs.
  2. Royleeinator

    Template Creation

    Last but not least, the Mazda RX-8 Type-S. On a special note, they forgot to add the wheels in with this model. I guess this one gets drug around the track. But on the bright side, the windows can be seen thru to know where you are being pulled to, lol. Next up, waiting for Invictus for more...
  3. Royleeinator

    Template Creation

    I am moving all template creation progress photos to here. Keep in mind the graphics on the cars will most likely change before submission, as they are just quick throw-together designs. Also the templates are currently in .PSD layered format. As more wireframe/models become available thru...
  4. Royleeinator

    More paint options update *WIP*

    I've just been posting updates on the progress of transfering the wireframe images into actual templates that can be used. I have now moved them to another thread. Also when I do get them completed, where I shall send the templates (no designs, body will be clear of any designs for others to use)?
  5. Royleeinator

    content ???

    If I recall, it is $10k per car (or Manufacturer) to have the licensed cars ingame. Our alternative is to wait for Invictus to supply Jack their knock-off models.
  6. Royleeinator

    content ???

    New cars will have to wait for Invictus to release the models that are the knockoff of the licensed cars.
  7. Royleeinator

    More paint options update *WIP*

    Looking at the toolkit, it might take a bit of time to figure out what each gray part is. But outside of that, it is possible to make actual templates with what is provided for the 5 cars. I do have 3ds Max 2012, so it would be very handy if you were able to get the actual models in one of the...
  8. Royleeinator

    Use manual gear

    Or in my case, cut the muffler off the Lion. Kawana drowns it out, lol.
  9. Royleeinator

    NEW Styling idea

    Looking at that, it tells me that (at least for those 3 cars) they have aligned up all the body parts in the same general location. That might make template building a lot easier. Won't work for more location specific things, but will for general stuff like that.
  10. Royleeinator

    More paint options update *WIP*

    Sorry haven't gotten back sooner, but should be able to mess around with the toolkit starting next week. Will see what is all there. I may have a method of getting the wireframe if there isn't one provided. (haven't opened the zip yet, lol) When I do work on templates, I can make them for...
  11. Royleeinator

    More paint options update *WIP*

    I see you've mentioned adding vinyls. Do you have all of the templates that go with the cars, or do they need to be extracted from the models? I've had a fair bit of experience with making and using vehicle templates, so when the time arises, I'll probably do up a few designs. This may be for a...
  12. Royleeinator


    I guess I need to update about Quadro/Hexan. Just ran a test with Quadro vs Lion on a couple different tracks and was shown that Quadro can be quicker in most cases. All I can guess is that I was either driving against non-upgraded cars or non-fast drivers. I was able to keep up relatively...
  13. Royleeinator


    I wouldn't say the Corus is just bad. I generally find myself winning most races I am in and have raced at least 1 guy that is very fast in the Corus. He will surely give you a run for your money. For me, with Kawana, I have Acceleration A+ and Brake F. Lion is Acceleration A and Brake F. I...
  14. Royleeinator

    A message from a lover to this game

    For me personally I don't believe that the issue lies in Explore or Drift, or Sim/Arcade. At least in the case of Arcade, many still race it, but yes at times it can be slow. I personally stick with Arcade VS. For me the issue is more the ability to kick players out that drive rough while you...
  15. Royleeinator

    Kick feature for Room Master.

    I would like to see a kick feature for the Room Master that works even at the vote screen, or possibly during a race. The current kick feature requires that we be at the lobby, or players vote kick on someone during loading (only works if the offending player loads slowly). I can't begin to...
  16. Royleeinator

    This Guy Must to BANNED

    Those saying intentional ramming is not listed in the rules, I refer you to rule 2.1.... Game Rules As for the rest of what has been said, if reading carefully, he says the other player hit him in drift mode, while Ghost is On. Either 2 things have happened: 1. the player has somehow hacked the...
  17. Royleeinator

    Change Log feedback

    As there really isn't a feedback post for things in the Change Log, figure I will start one (kinda surprised there isn't one yet, lol). I haven't been on the beta/test server yet to try this, but for regular VS races, how will this work with players that are 20+ and those under 20? Would those...
  18. Royleeinator

    My 2 cents

    Dacia, this game has come in a couple different names, depending on where it was released, and who released it, 1 of them being LevelR. As for the other vehicles, this dev team is still waiting on the other models from Invictus. All the old models with real world names were licensed, and that...
  19. Royleeinator

    Give it a chance

    I would also have to agree, the brakes on the Kawana sure got a big downgrade, and compared to other cars, it now lacks a lot of its former competitive agility.
  20. Royleeinator

    Tokyo Night - Bravado circut

    I was in the EU server racing this circuit and the start is bugged. Some cars will warp a ways ahead of the others, and those that warped miss a checkpoint. Nothing you can do ingame can fix the issue.