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  1. Jack

    autos springe

    This is due to lag.
  2. Jack


    It is the same as what you used on this forum.
  3. Jack

    sign in

    Windows settings, add English UK keyboard to main and switch back to Russian when you are not playing the game. You can hold Left Alt + Shift to change between them quickly.
  4. Jack

    Server still down

    It is back up. "or anything" while posting on the forum and sending DMs on Facebook...
  5. Jack

    Unable to open game?

    You have an account. You are using it in this forum
  6. Jack

    What music do you like to listen too, old and new?

    Defo not England...
  7. Jack

    Return Game Support Channel in PT Server

  8. Jack

    Gift Gone???

    Is your gift inbox full?
  9. Jack

    returning user

    It is the same as your forum username and password that you use on this website.
  10. Jack

    password reset

    Open this in an incognito tab and request a password reset for your email https://community.projecttorque.racing/lost-password/
  11. Jack

    sign in

    Using the email and password that you used here to register here.
  12. Jack

    Reset password

  13. Jack

    Another threat against former Windows users.

    The only danger here is people like you @attila7520 who demonstrate a clear lack of understanding of how things work when it comes to operating systems, cyber security etc Project Torque works on Windows XP or later. That does not mean you should be using Windows XP or other end of life...
  14. Jack

    GP kaufen fumktioniert nicht!!!

    Try again
  15. Jack

    Password problems.

    Logout and request a password reset. I advise doing it in a private browsing session so you can transom logged in here if something goes wrong.
  16. Jack

    login problems

    We are aware of a login issue and are working on fixing it asap.
  17. Jack

    Steam Deck support, it works!

    Update! I have got the game running on my Steam Deck. You will need to include these DirectX 9 DLLs in the game directory next to ProjectTorque.exe I will push these DLLs to the game soon. You will also need to install .NET 3.5 as Mono does not like the obfuscation protection. Looking into how...
  18. Jack

    New cars

    Soon (tm)
  19. Jack

    Very boring

    We are working on an update. Have been for a few weeks. Dealing with a few issues and setting up our shared work environment. Takes time to get right. None of us are getting paid to do it. We do it in our spare time.
  20. Jack

    Using ChatGPT to automate making games better/fixed.

    Since the release of ChatGPT 3 towards the end of 2022, I have been fascinated by what AI can do in terms of programming scripts and actual software. My first test with ChatGPT, I will call it GPT3 from now on, was to read a bit of the ProjectTorque source code and see what it made of it. To my...