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  1. JARO


    Too bad, it would be great if you could jump to higher class by paying cash. Like from class 7 to 8 for 1 million, from 8 to 9 for 2 million or something like that. This way you could drive your favorite car.
  2. JARO


    I love this car Dodge harpoon - best engine sound and great feel - best car in the game. The only thing its lacking is a little bit more power to compete with the boring morelo. How to make it faster?
  3. JARO

    Any updates?

    Is there will be updates soon like new cars, wangan back and more highway tracks?
  4. JARO

    best way for EXP?

    Wangan was the only place where you could hit top speed. Now not a single high speed track. Not fun at all.
  5. JARO

    wgt cars

  6. JARO

    wgt cars

    Can anyone explain to me what are the "wgt" cars?
  7. JARO


    I can see morello in the shop and it can only be bought with gp. So this game is a p2w now. Not fun - not good.
  8. JARO

    Why are class 1 cars so unbalanced?

    Yes this might be it. If you go to your garage you can activate or deactivate an upgrade by clicking on it. Activated upgrades will be in orange color. Make sure your upgrades are activated at the highest stage.
  9. JARO

    Branded cars

    Can you add Bugatti Veyron to the game and name it JARON in my honor :)