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  1. Deus Iratus


    The issue with the Corus is known and we do not know currently whats the cause of it. Usually the people who lost it, came to the Discord server and most of them got a new one gifted which probably is still in their inventory. Buying the starter cars is not really needed btw. since you can get...
  2. Deus Iratus

    Project Torque Lädt Unendlich

    Save ordner löschen kann helfen, ansonsten mal schaun ob du es auf ner anderen Festplatte installieren kannst zum test. Wenn das nicht hilft, vielleicht mal im support subforum (englisch) oder auf unserem Discord Server mal nachfragen.
  3. Deus Iratus

    My game freezes when logging in, "logging in" message appears

    Just checked the connection on my end and im fine. Keep in mind that there are a few people around the world who have to use VPN to be able to connect to the server.
  4. Deus Iratus

    The game is not working

    Server crashed again, was restarted about 10 minutes ago. Better join our Discord server, you will get way faster informed about stuff there than here.
  5. Deus Iratus

    Login error.

    Guys, the recent posts on this forum were just about the server status, pls read them next time. Servers crashed or freezed for unknown reason and jack fixed the servers shortly after his thread was openend. For the lacking ability to write on some discord channels: You have to get verified...
  6. Deus Iratus

    cant start play when i sign in write video card up to date

    Make sure that all windows updates are installed and your gpu driver is up to date.
  7. Deus Iratus

    My game freezes when logging in, "logging in" message appears

    Server have crashed/freezes and need restart, should be good again in a few hours.
  8. Deus Iratus

    The game is not working

    Servers have crashed and need restart, should be up again in a few hours.
  9. Deus Iratus

    Xbox One Controller

    Try to run it directly from the root folder without steam, mayby that works.
  10. Deus Iratus

    my passwort is incorrect

    Did you tried to login with your forum account or your steam account? Steam login is currently not by the game, so try to login with the forum account. Otherwise, if you alrdy tried to login with your forum account, try reseting the password in your account settings. And also check if your...
  11. Deus Iratus


    Gonna have a look on it, thx for the report. Next time post it pls in the actual report section.
  12. Deus Iratus

    error 102

    As far as i know, there are only "normal" characters working. Do without russian characters and try again (also make sure that your keyboard doesnt change to russian when ingame with your OS).
  13. Deus Iratus

    Not Loading Bug

    Usally this happens for one time on the loading screen, then i the person shouldnt have the problem anymore for a while. Happend to many people already, including me aswell. As Saeed said, when you and the others are done loading kick him. But also give people time to load the game, because i...
  14. Deus Iratus

    Any updates?

    if your time span of "soon" means within the next 3 months, then i would say: probably yes to 1 or 2 points.
  15. Deus Iratus


    Mind giving more infos? Like what specific error the game is showing. If you cant connect to the login server, then try to use vpn. It appears that some people (especially why ever these from brazil) cant connect to the login server/game without vpn.
  16. Deus Iratus

    Unable to connect to login server

    Sending logs was the old way back then when the PT was fresh on steam. People are usally no longer having problems to connect with the server except for these who come from a few countries where the connection gets blocked. One of the most reported cases where they cant connect is, if they come...
  17. Deus Iratus

    Report for offensive player

    Report section is a bit lower, but what a coincidence, im currently alrdy in a dialog with him.
  18. Deus Iratus

    Great to see it back!

    Hi and welcome back, sadly everyone had to start all over again. But dont worry leveling and getting cash is much faster and easier then back then. Even the car prices are alot cheaper, which means that you will have the cars you want in the shop in no time.
  19. Deus Iratus


    I dont see an issue there, but if you do then feel free to edit the page. Wikipedia pages can be edited by anyone.