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  1. Jack

    Login problem. Please help.

    We had a server issue that was resolved within the hour.
  2. Jack

    Any updates?

    Thank you for the support!
  3. Jack

    Any updates?

    PT won't see the same number of people as it use to. Sorry to disappoint but as per my previous response to this being asked, people don't want to play old games anymore.
  4. Jack

    Any updates?

    We have some new stuff but they are either broken or can't be used in their current state. There are people working on fixing these issues so I can put them into the game.
  5. Jack

    Any updates?

    Does not matter if I spend $5 or $5000. We got enough info back from the campaigns and user feedback to know what is going on. People don't want to play this sort of game anymore. The only people really playing this game are those who loved it back in the day. New players who find the game stop...
  6. Jack

    Any updates?

    I have said why we have not added Steam Auth yet multiple times now. Also spent over a grand in ads on FaceBook, Google Ads and YouTube over the past 2 years.
  7. Jack

    Any updates?

    Better share the game with others then. Promote it on social media, forums etc
  8. Jack

    Any updates?

    Soon ™
  9. Jack

    unable to connect to login server

    We don't know what the issue is. It only happens to those in Brazil and sometimes in Russia. We don't block users from those areas. Can only assume it is something to do with those region's internet service providers or governments at this point.
  10. Jack

    Community driven assets

    The tools we have are somewhat incomplete. We have a few people taking a lot at it but it is not easy work. Talking 3DS MAX 2009, a load of custom plugins and a few $$$ plugins which we are having trouble getting hold of. This is before even knowing how to do it all and the process to export...
  11. Jack

    Brand awareness

    Existing data from the old days has been deleted as it should have been done to protect user data.
  12. Jack

    Reset password

  13. Jack

    server down?

    Server maintenance.
  14. Jack

    Режим "сумо"

    SUMO is on the list but is part of a much larger project which will take a while. We don't block countries from playing the game. What is going on with the Russian and Brazilian internet is a mystery to all of us.
  15. Jack

    Can I Get Exact time and Date when my account was registered with Time zone?

    Your account looks to be verified.
  16. Jack

    If I delete my account can I recreate it with same steam ID?

    You want your game account reset?
  17. Jack

    Can I Get Exact time and Date when my account was registered with Time zone?

    Jan 9, 2020 is the best I can give you.
  18. Jack


    We don't condone doing so.
  19. Jack

    Can you get banned for removing body parts from your cars?

    Removing body parts is against the rules as it is an exploit. Anyone found to do so will be fined and repeat offenders will be banned.
  20. Jack

    Proxy test for users forced to use VPNs to connect.

    Still looking into it. The fact that is only Brazil gives us a clue that there is something up with Brazil's network, CPE's equipment, or peering with Germany. Users are able to ping and see websites from Germany so looks to be due to port numbers maybe.