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  1. AhmedSaeed96

    Привет? !!!!

    make your default language in ur PC ENG nd u will be can to insert game
  2. AhmedSaeed96

    @all- hi!.... 👋

    with you completely (y) that there are those who do not want you to talk about any upgrades in the game to come! but you also have friends that you can talk to :) and ignore others
  3. AhmedSaeed96

    @all- hi!.... 👋

    game free to all dude not old fans only ! just write ur account nd hav fun :) For information only.. my name is Saeed and Ahmed is my son, and I told you before :D , but you forgot bec u was off long time, welcome back again friend nd i wish to share with us on Discord too
  4. AhmedSaeed96

    @all- hi!.... 👋

    hey friend . long time not see u , welcome back again :) ... The game is as it is, nothing new to mention! I was waiting in the room for more than half an hour to play, and unfortunately the players became less than the first!
  5. AhmedSaeed96


    make ur defult language in ur PC ENG nd u will can insert game
  6. AhmedSaeed96

    Can you get banned for removing body parts from your cars?

    nice . i was expect it new car :D , maybe bec i wish to see any new cars in game :cool:
  7. AhmedSaeed96

    What music do you like to listen too, old and new?

    Great Song To Young Singer Ahmed Kamel Name it Who I am in all of this unfortunately, it is not translated
  8. AhmedSaeed96


    Share the topic on the discord I was talking on it today with Jack
  9. AhmedSaeed96


    maybe we see this in next upgrade !! i wish to be nearly bec game is DEAD , server nearly empty .:(
  10. AhmedSaeed96


    sure i am with u in increase XP , but Box Gifts u can get double XP too this is can help u. and I am with you also in that we need to increase the gain of XP to not be bored with the game, but the problem is not only in XP, the game needs a lot of new things and upgrades to be expected so that...
  11. AhmedSaeed96


    make ur default language in ur pc ENG then login nd u will insert game .
  12. AhmedSaeed96

    Kawana is a mistake!

    not after now , Kawana now can to compete Lion car nd Beat it Too
  13. AhmedSaeed96

    Proxy test for users forced to use VPNs to connect.

    if this working succes JACK i think we will see an increase in the number of players ;)
  14. AhmedSaeed96

    best way for EXP?

    as i said b4 me with return wangon map with Amendment of RB with it so that everyone plays the track for fun and not for farm ...
  15. AhmedSaeed96

    best way for EXP?

    With all due respect for your opinion, what is Fun with this! For example, when you play with a Cobra car level 4 and you have ahead,and other player for example too play with Speedo car level 6, and you are surprised that the Cobra catches you and defeats you !! What fun here. I am with you to...
  16. AhmedSaeed96

    best way for EXP?

    yes bec many ppls used this track for farm only !! so its removed i think .
  17. AhmedSaeed96

    Mouse pointer disappearing, again.

    YES sometimes thats happend with me too !
  18. AhmedSaeed96

    None Shall Pass

    welcome in game . just play this great game nd hav fun .
  19. AhmedSaeed96

    can't even register a username

    Make your defult language in your PC in English, then Login and you will enter the game :)
  20. AhmedSaeed96

    TAsks are broken

    Share the Bugg in the discord, my dude, you will find the answer faster for you from here .