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  1. Facepalm

    A guide to Project Torque

    Welcome to the Project Torque guide thread, aimed to introduce the game to new players and help them understand the game a bit better, made purely out of interest and love for the game. This guide is going to cover most of the functions of the game, which includes menus, HUD and gameplay. This...
  2. Facepalm

    20 Laps in a Vote lobby bug

    If the room owner quits to the room while a race is going, after voting the race will change to 20 laps.
  3. Facepalm

    Weird grass behaviour

    After driving the Intense around, I couldn't help but notice it losing all speed when it touches the grass in Circuit or San Francisco Marina. This happened with the Savage too, so I decided to look a bit into it. From what I have tested and seen, these two and the Millennium seem to behave this...
  4. Facepalm

    Doctor X missing textures

    Setting his foot fetish aside, his island seems to have a couple of checkered flag textures
  5. Facepalm

    Titan G4 GP price (and TA GP prices?)

    One thing we forgot to add to the spreadsheet, the Titan's GP pricing does not match the RP pricing. Also, are GP prices for the TA cars supposed to be like this?
  6. Facepalm

    Some suggestions for room parameters.

    As the title suggests, I have some ideas for the room parameters. Idea #1: Remove the category limitation in the "Same Class" parameter. Right now, you can't enter a C-Racer in a Class 2 room. That should change so that Offroaders can enter as well. Idea #2: Add a "bigger/smaller than class"...
  7. Facepalm

    Open up Offroad maps to all cars

    The idea: Open up Python Creek and Abu Simbel to all cars Description: A feature that was always there, which somehow is not here. Right now the Offroad category is both lackluster and unappealing, since most Offroaders aren't all that fun to drive, and the Offroad tracks collectively sum up to...
  8. Facepalm

    Out of place cars and parts unlock levels

    Not sure whether this would fit on General or not, but I wanted to cast some light onto this either way. The Nevada unlocks at Level 31, whereas the Harpoon, the other Class 7 car, unlocks at Level 30. The Nevada has Class 8 unlock levels, which is a bit odd and quite a huge difference in such...
  9. Facepalm

    Odd room bug

    There's a weird bug that happens. If you're in the lobby and you're the room owner of a vote lobby, after the vote the race will reset to 20 laps.
  10. Facepalm

    Hexan Drift's weird drag mode front wheels.

    Another quite peculiar bug that happens after one round in Drag.
  11. Facepalm

    Car steers on its own

    A possibly known bug where the car will slowly start turning towards the right (not sure about left). Very noticeable on drag mode.
  12. Facepalm

    Black mirror fix

    Not a bug report, but moreso a solution for it. Me and Teydi have discovered that turning off the post process effects fixes the issue
  13. Facepalm

    Cobra Coupe floating spoiler

    A very excited spoiler that can't wait to take off and explore the world
  14. Facepalm

    TA Pro livery... half bug?

    A very peculiar case where one specific livery for the TA Pro (funnily enough, the livery that it has on the shop/preview icon) is missing the racing stickers on only one side Provided the alt colours version of the same vinyl to compare. It's the only vinyl that does this.
  15. Facepalm

    List of things frequently requested/Things from other builds not in the game yet

    Inspired by Anxiety's post, I decided to make a list of all things currently not in the game yet that a lot of people request all the time. For some things, I will try to explain why they are not in yet, based on what I have gotten and from what I know so far. The goal here is to help give some...
  16. Facepalm

    Kawana Chassis modification #2 bug

    The Kawana has a headlight bug on the second chassis modification.
  17. Facepalm

    Endless Tokyo Twist races

    Tokyo Twist is a point to point race, but for some reason the game regards it as an actual race track This is taken on Practice Mode, where it's fully obvious it regards the track as a full track.