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    Fail to activate checkpoints

    No on Serpentine fast joy ride too...
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    Controls Wheel with H-Shifter

    You need to leave Steam on background, create an icon and run as administrator. Thats allows you to set wheel and pedal, dont know if it works on shifter, not yet tried it. (Have a g27 me too). For a correct set up you need logitech profiler too.
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    Unable to open game?

    I didn't have any error BUT login doesn't recognize username a/o password, today only, yesterday I played regularly...
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    Controls Wheel with H-Shifter

    Mine too works BUT unable to get a decent setup: any suggestion? (On profiler seems everything OK but ingame settings still weird...)
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    Italiani online

    IO invece no: se non si sbrigano mooorirò! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    We are on Steam! Beta keys to come.

    Hurry up! Im getting old...:eek: