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    Cant upgrade car (Stallion)

    Try restarting the game.
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    Anyone experiencing the car shaking side to side?

    Linear steering and deadzone is what is affecting you.
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    Rims colors

    Eventually it will happen, also custom rims would be the best tuning option
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    Unofficial Linux launcher

    Indeed the race start crash is happening i believe it's something to do with d3d errors, possibly driver issues.
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    Reset account

    I believe you cannot do that unless a new account is made. You could dm @Jack explaining your situation to see what he says.
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    Share your gaming memories/history - your most enjoyable from years back!?

    Oh yeah i absolutely loved playing skate games on my xbox, miss it a lot.
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    Welcome back Gridster let's have fun again!
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    como eu faço conta no jogo?

    Olá, tem de entrar no jogo com o mesmo login que criou para entrar aqui no fórum Tem que criar uma senha aqui https://community.projecttorque.racing/account/security e usá-la para fazer login.
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    PTI Tournaments and Events

    Unfortunately i'll not be able to enter the tournament, i hope everyone has some fun doing it.
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    kawana 660 a poor first choice

    Well, that's your opinion, my only class 1 car is Kawana, and i can easily win a race against lion and wizz, a find some serious corus players to be able to beat me.. but, for short circuit tracks and also some b-road and non-tarmac tracks, kawana takes advantage of it's rear drive, that's why i...
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    Adjust FOV

    Hello there, indeed this is a good suggestion and as so it should be posted here and yes it has already been requested, hopefully they can manage to do it :) Hope you have fun.
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    Olá, bem-vindo, falamos todos Portugues, independentemente de onde voce vier, será bem-vindo.
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    kawana 660 a poor first choice

    Maxed out kawana its perfect for almost every track, of course it needs practice to achieve the best driving the car requires, as for so, you will need to take advantage of balancers such as acceleration ++ and aero F+ and grip R, those make the car with shorter top speed but quicker...
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    I'm unable to use my Thrustmaster T300

    > What @Old-Skool said <
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    LION vinyls

    Looking pretty great