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    Is this game alive?

    It's on life support waiting for a possible update that's long overdue.
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    Any updates?

    I have been playing this game from almost day one from it's original form and realize it's limitations and will likely continue to play in a casual way. I wish you luck in your endeavor and maybe there will be an uptick in the player base going forward. You have a few who want to help gather...
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    Any updates?

    Big budget Jack most of us spend well over that yearly on Internet and Tv fees. Players don't propose to have all the answers to falling player counts you figure it out the game is in your hands .
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    Any updates?

    That's a two way street Jack players have been promoting the game but little or nothing has been coming from your end . Almost two years in now and we still do not have Steam Authorization so a push from Steam hasn't happened and next to nothing in the way of promotion from PT as well.
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    Any updates?

    Soon there will be no Players too.
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    Is there single player?

    Nope however there is money to be made in Missions providing you have keys to unlock them which are earned in racing.
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    updating and working on the game

    More likely "Later "
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    unfair treatment

    Why hasn't this been resolved yet?
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    unfair treatment

    Soon as he often says lol
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    unfair treatment

    He must have a Long to do list .
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    whats happen europeian servers empty all go sleep need dudes for continue play

    The games been stagnant for months players are not playing.
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    my g29 wheel and peddles are not working but the buttons work

    Plug in the wheel before you boot up the game. Install Logitech G Hub .
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    Used it for years and have never ever had a problem. Jack will surely get this latest issue resolved quickly.
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    PT4EVER Giveaway

    Congratulations to the winner Damian Black .
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    Hope it's corrected soon .