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    Italiani online

    Grazie :) tra una cosa e l'altra penso che farò qualche altro contenuto inerente PT.. o articoli o video (o entrambi) vedremo :)
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    Italiani online

    Salve gente... Non so se a qualcuno potrebbe interessare, ma a tempo perso ho scritto due righe sul ritorno di PT: https://www.tastieraemouse.it/2020/04/05/project-torque-il-ritorno/
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    kawana 660 a poor first choice

    You just need to understand the car and know how to use it, also: - be sure you have installed all the upgrades.. lot of people think to have maxed the car, whitout noticing the 3 sub categories under power and handling (engine, gears, ecu, and tires, brake and suspensions) so they install just...
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    This Guy Must to BANNED

    Yes, but as Khrono already said: so he's not speaking about two cars hitting each other, ramming and so on, but about "hitting" him personally with words. p.s. anyway there's no need to make a public post like this for everyone insulting someone else (and i can assure that sometimes players...
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    how to complain about insult

    indeed, make a report posting screenshots as a proof.
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    Mirror blacked out on any car in Nurgenhoch maps

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    AFK campers?

    Obviously, but works only if you are the room master* and if you're in a room without vote**. * lot of times the room master don't care, or don't know how to do things etc. **With vote on, you don't see the lobby.. sure you can ask everyone to don't vote so you can return to lobby and kick the...
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    I think we need to distinguish drift players in two separate groups: - players that really want to drift because they like this kind of races/driving style - players who want to play drift just because they gain more rp/xp than in other modes, or at least, with less effort In chat i see a lot...
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    Change Log feedback

    not sure, but i suppose it work like tracks with minimum level requirements: if a player under that level is in the room, he is limiting the entire room, so the track can't be voted (if vote on) and setting the room you can't select that track (when start a room, or in a room with vote off) with...
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    Invis walls

    sometimes (usually during a long game session) i have a similar problem, but in a random map, not always the same, where some textures/assets aren't loading, so i don't see walls or other things, but i just need to restart the game and all returns ok.
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    i don't really get the point here.. more or less is like if i'm saying: if a GP2 series driver go with his car in a Formula 1 race, the GP2 car/driver can pretend to compete with the F1 cars? If a War Thunder player take his Panzer IV and go in battle versus a Tiger II, they have the same chance...
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    As many can testify, i'm well know to be one who hit almost everything on city maps/tracks: poles, road signs, hydrants and so on :D so that's the reason because i don't like too much urban tracks (where usally i'm not so fast for that reason). But anyway, i can agree with TorQueHQ and Khrono...
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    N2O, Cast Your Votes & Opinions

    Sorry if my first post in this topic made you sad :p but as you have read in the second topic, i'm not totally against nitro, at least if we can choose to activate or deactivate it inside rooms like ghost mode. Anyway, if you let me joke a little more and just because we're talking about...
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    AFK campers?

    Also, as room master, using the /kick command result in just a chat kick, but not a kick from the race room (didn't know if intended or if there's something to adjust with the kick system). Anyway, an auto kick for players inactive for an entire race (or more than 1 race) would be a good thing...
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    N2O, Cast Your Votes & Opinions

    Yeah, in this case, with an on/off option like the one for the ghost i have no problem also if we get the nitro implemented on every game mode, because every room master can enable or disable nitro and play the way he like more, then a player can chose to go on rooms with nitro on or off...