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    Missing cars?

    Yes, a 32 Ford coupe that everyone used for drag racing, and you could get over 1000hp with rare parts.
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    Chassis: RSeat N1 Wheel: Sim Racing Bay 30nm OSW Direct Drive Steering wheel: 5 different QR1 quick release USB wheel rims Pedals: Heusinkveld sprint pedals Shifter: Fanatec Clubsport shifter Handbrake: Fanatec handbrake Vibration feedback: 2 ButtKicker Simulation Kit Monitor: 55" Led tv VR...
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    Wheel Support

    Yes please, I also have a OSW Direct Drive and the force feedback is not equal from track to track. I had it setup great for one track then I jumped into another track and I almost broke my wrist. Any help with this would be great.