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    Car Flying Glitch

    Can you send a replay?
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    Car Flying Glitch

    Can you provide more information? A video or a replay as well. What car are you driving?
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    What error do you get?
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    Final Mission Reward bugged?

    "GP Reward" items point at items disabled in the database. They're basically blank items. As for the missing reward, we will look into it. Thank you for your report.
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    Is this game alive?

    The playerbase is mainly European, so activity is usually higher up on afternoons and weekends.
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    You should be able to map your shifter onto the numpad via third party programs. The pattern followed is 7 for 1st, 1 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd etc. 0 is Reverse.
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    Depending on the shifter you have, you might have to use a third party program to map your shifter onto the keys needed for it. There are some older shifters that work immediately, but I don't remember which ones they were.
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    Buying stuff

    Could you post screenshots of your issue?
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    Steam funds

    There are currently some issues going on with the server. Once resolved, you will be compensated your purchased GP
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    How to get Controllers to work? See reply.

    What wheel are you using? Make sure you have your wheel plugged in before you launch the game
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    Panama BUGG Style 2 & 3

    Styling options you have to set up yourself. The parts you buy are in your inventory. Though the Styling buttons are fairly buggy anyway
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    Hi! im new to P:T so some information or tips and tricks will help.

    Check out the pinned guide in this forum! I've tried to put together as much info as possible for newcomers. And of course, welcome to PT!
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    bug log in

    Can't launch game/Boots up to a black screen: There are two solutions to this one. First solutions is going to the game options directory, located at Steam\steamapps\common\Project Torque\save\game, and deleting the two option files in there. The second solution is installing your game on...
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    Unable to tape in English

    You need to change the keyboard to english and then start the game
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    You need to change your keyboard to English before starting the game