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    Im Spiel anmelden

    vlt einfach erstmal in der support kategorie nachschaun, da gibts in der regel immer etwas was einen hilf. https://community.projecttorque.racing/threads/how-to-register-and-retrieve-password.120/ Ich frag mich ernsthaft aber auch wo der Launcher von oben herstammt, dieser hat nichtmal im...
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    My game doesn't start - Connection

    Try with VPN, there are a few countries that cant connect somehow to the server without VPN.
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    More paint options update *WIP*

    (y) not bad, i think there was a cobra file flying around on discord, if you want to work on it too.
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    content ???

    I think that screenshot was taken during one of Jacks Devstreams. I found it by accident while searching for a vanguard picture. I doubt that there is more stuff to find.
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    content ???

    Holy shit, you guys wont believe me what i found on Discord.
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    content ???

    Big Boi (aka Semi) no furthere infos for it available. 1595437860 The CityCab:
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    content ???

    We also got a few cars in our back that can get released someday, If Jack is able to fix the remaining cars (further conversation about that topic on Discord available XD) . Im hoping we will see the never released CityCab in our build someday (cant stop thinking from it, since "that" Devstream).
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    error log in

    you are not alone, i think litterally everyone has that problem. its been said, that something called "CloudFlare" got an issue that caused several problems worldwide. Discord were unable to connect too and forum is still buggy too.
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    und gleich wieder weg

    die übersetzung und der launcher sind der von der community entwickelt, Jack ist aber halt der einzige, der das dann ins finale build packen kann. Davon abgesehen arbeitet er ja in erster linie wenn er aktuell zeit hat, an strecken und autos(wenn ich das so richtig in erinnerung hab).
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    und gleich wieder weg

    sollte man meinen, es ist aber doch so, dass es einige Spieler in PT gibt die Englisch nur schwach bis garnicht beherrschen (auch bei uns im deutschsprachigen bereich). Da kann man machen was man will, die Leute unterscheiden sich halt im Bildungsgrad.,da machste halt nix. Bin übrigens seit ca...
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    *"IDEA:" collection*

    ideas in forum are more likely to be seen by jack than in discord, thats the reason i made an collection from the discord ideas an posted them here.
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    wgt cars

    In what month have you taken that picture? he shows it ingame from time to time
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    *"IDEA:" collection*

    This is not an actual suggestion, but an collection of most of the ideas that were posted on the offficial Discord Server. The ideas included were clearly flagged with *IDEA:* as the rules from the channels said. I didnt included ideas that were alrdy implemented or clearly denied by...
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    is gone for a while now, dont remember why.
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    used it a while now, didnt looked that bugged. Only thing that seems bugged is, that you cant reenable the HUD if you press buttons in the wrong order(you cant even leave the game anymore without alt F4). got a few pic 4 you.