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Hi, I have a problem, when I start the game in steam, it crashes. Can you help me pls? Register with steam. I will start ?
Please delete account. Steam is not really related to you. Thats why i pull the game back. You want a Roberto Sappa Avater name; Itakker.
Door op community.projecttorque.racing in te loggen via Steam. solong
Hello, Jack. I have some promblems with my account. Plz tell something about it. Does it banned for my nickname?
Jack, can you answer me just something, plz? You can,t ban me and don,t say me anything.
hi ,

I think I have a problem with a hacker who uses the game and breaks my computers
fb :

Ивайло Манахилов​

on personal message please reply
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Hey Jack! I wanna delete me account. not interested in the game nor do i want the account