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where is my color


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hello i have the same problem i wen i started the game ( not long ago) i got the k660 yellow but it changes to a other collour every time wen log in and wen i go on the tracks


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hello i have the same problem i wen i started the game ( not long ago) i got the k660 yellow but it changes to a other collour every time wen log in and wen i go on the tracks

This BUGG ... Happend with me yesterday too . when me insert game found my LION car became black color !! after 1 min it returned to her color as it was


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Again, it's a known bug and it will be fixed eventually. Sit tight.

The main question is WHEN ?
Can you give me/us a deadline ?

My white Lion (original color from factory, never bought or change to other color), become dark blue when I start the game (log in).
To recover my white color (from factory) I have to go into the shop, paint the car with other color (check other color) and then click at that same color to uncheck it... and Voilá, my Lion became white again.... but I have to do this every time I enter the game at log in... (note: I don't need to buy other color, only have to check and uncheck the other color)
This became to happen when new colors were announced by the developers. (new update)

Sadly, the white color I refer above is not available anymore. It's not listed to be bought in the shop. Instead there are a white grey...

In my opinion there was nothing wrong with the colors. If you wanted to add more colors, ok, fine with me. Disagree entirely when good/normal things are removed.
Take out some colors (or other stuff) is not a excuse to show "improvements", work or new changes.

CTF Tokyo obstacles were removed... since 7-05-2020...
Still waiting for the correction or if that option could be chosen by the player: ctf tokyo with obstacles or ctf tokyo without obstacles, it would be great
(or making 2 different maps: 1st: ctf tokyo with obstacles; 2nd: ctf tokyo without obstacles) like Tokyo night and Tokyo day (or the different seasons of the same track available in arcade).

The worst thing can happen to Project Torque is: the game become dead and disappear completely.
The next worst thing is: the game become private or needed to be payed (become commercial).
The 3rd worst thins is: the game become to change to worst.

I think we are close to reach the beginning (in a slightly way) of the 3rd step above. With little changes, good things were changed to worst, and don't know if those will be back again...
If it is good and running, leave it, don't touch it. Save and preserve it instead. (That the 1st RULE in engineering courses).
Want to improve, correct the errors. Want to put new stuff, dont take out old stuff, instead add the new stuff to the old stuff.

I wounder if a new mode will be released, and because of that an old one have to be removed ?

I'm not demanding anything...
I'm not playing the boss role...
I'm not showing any aggressivity in any way...

I'm just playing the game, reporting errors, suggesting ideas... ... and counting the time, that's all.

I'm just having fun with a great game, and by using it I found some bugs or errors, I think it is a feature to go into the: "to do list".
What are we all doing here? Improving the game, isn't it ?

The main question is: When does the stuff become accomplished ?
How much time you need ?
Can you give me a deadline ?
Can we help developing anything ?


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Working on fixing the issue. Pretty much have it sorted via a rollback of an update but have been too busy to finish it. I know it has been over a month now with this and I am sorry but I have just been super busy. Should have some time later this month to dedicated to the game development and bug fixing.


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Do not ask my friend other than you, he has asked a lot before, but to no avail. On the contrary, the matter takes on stubbornness when asked, so it is better to you to wait and wait and wait ! ....