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tag for wheel and pedals users

All the veteran players knows that there's nothing to do against a wheel and pedals user, unless he's a total noob.
You can't win or race, it's a one end event.
i want w&p racers locked out from arcade racing, they belong to sim racing.

Deus Iratus

that isnt true at all, i have experience on all sides when it comes to control input in this game. All i can say is, that wheel and pedal only give advantages in sim. The rest can get handled by players with other input too. tbh, i would say wheel and pedals are even a handycap on 1-2 gamemodes.


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Wheel and pedals are slower, if not equal, in Arcade than keyboard or gamepad.
That's what I've gotten at least, having raced against people with wheels.


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wheel only fast in class 1 can not other class, that's why you play class 1 only and not know this. wheel bad for high class. only in sim better but not in arcade ya